Acavallo dressage square with AC-grip gel Acavallo

Acavallo dressage square with AC-grip gel

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This is the Acavallo Dressage Square with AC-Grip Gel.

The Acavallo® Grip gel pad combines a classic square pad with the new AC-Grip Gel mould to provide the maximum saddle stability, shock absorbency and grip of any saddle pad.

The low profile of this gel ensures no excessive bulk between horse and saddle to distort the fit.

Combined with a luxurious non-crease brush cotton fabric makes this a stunning square pad.

The gel encourages freedom of movement, stabilizes the saddle, relieves pressure and absorbs and distributes weight.

The product is non toxic so it is safe for use on the skin and it is easy to wash.

The pad can be machine washed  at 30 °C or by hand in a bucket of water with a little detergent. Please remove hair from the pad with a brush before washing it. Don't use harsh detergents. Don't tumble dry. Don't expose the square to direct heat or strong sunlight and allow it to dry naturally.

It comes in one size and in three colors : black, white and blue.


Try out this great acavallo dressage square.


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