Flex - On Stirrups

The Flex-On Stirrups use innovative shock absorption technology to cushion the movements of the rider. Flex-On stirrups seriously improve technical performance in terms of shock absorption.

It is a new generation stirrup. Flex-On offers superb comfort.

Finally the stirrups can be customised to the riders choice of colours.


We offer three different ranges of stirrups :

- the green composite range

- the safe - on range

- the aluminium range


The Green Composite range is designed from organically sourced materials, built with an internal steel frame to reinforce the polymer outer shell. These green composite Flex-On stirrups perform at a professional level.

The Flex-On elastomers reduce and absorb shock waves. As a result this protects the riders ankles, knees and skeletal system. More importantly the horse also sees the benefits of the shock absorption system. The shock waves intensity reduces through the stirrups, with each movement.

Aimed at a wide range of riders. The Flex-On Stirrups are used for eventing, showjumping, cross country, endurance, dressage and everyday riding out.

The Ultra Inclined Foot Rest is preferred and therefore used by most riders. Crimped pins are also fitted to the Ultra Grip tread. Made of hardened steel, these are tough and also very durable. Finally the pins are then embedded within the moulded plastic grip. As a result this offers amazing grip for the riders foot.

We also offer the Flat Foot Rest (in general used for dressage) and the normal Inclined,

You can find them here in Red, here in Navy Blue, here in Light Grey and here in Black.


The Safe On range :  these stirrups are the perfect choice for all riders, combining comfort, performance and style, along with a unique flexible arm for increased safety.

This structure protects against the risk of breakages. A flexible and retractable arm on the outer side helps to reduce the risk of injury; if you fall from your horse, this arm 'breaks' away to prevent your foot from being stuck in the stirrup. The retractable arm can then be easily screwed back into place.

Thanks to shock absorbers made of elastomer springs, a wide range of custom options with different colours of frame, footbed and shock absorbers.

Inclined treads enhance the naturals 'heels down' position, providing increased stability and perfect positioning of the leg, while the Ultra Grip footbed is made from moulded POM with crimped pins made of hardened steel.

The Safety Stirrup has all the same components of the Green Composite Stirrup; one wide base of support and two pieces of shock absorbers.



You can see how it works in this video :

You can find them here.

And finally there is the aluminium range. 

Stirrups in the Aluminium Range are made of a special type of aluminium used in aeronautics. The Flex - on stirrup offers sophisticated bending which absorbs shocks, with a thread that has a "Grip" or "Ultra-Grip"-surface for better adhesion - optimal stability and a perfect connection with the mount.

The stirrup frame with its offset, skewed slot for the stirrup leather is ultra-lightweight. It also offers the rider a special place for personalized communication.

The Flex-on Aluminium stirrup is fully machined from a solid block.

The R&D department has designed the stirrup with a complex geometry to give it strength and lightness.

You can find them here.

All the stirrups are easy to clean. Use water to clean the Flex-On and simply allow to air dry.


Some more words about the “Ultra-Grip” technology :

Inclined or flat (for dressage) Ultra Grip
The"Ultra-Grip" technology used for the tread optimize
adhesion and help provide maximum stability and tightness for the rider.

Ultra-Grip tread : made from moulded POM with crimped pins made of hardened steel.


All the stirrups are in stock. If you like any other color, don't hesitate to contact us. The stirrups can be customised in many colors.