Your custom DeNiro boots produced in 15 days? Yes, now you can!
DeNiro offers the possibility to make up for lost time with their rush service at no extra cost.
Normally there is a charge of € 150 for rush service. So now you can get this for free.
Offer valid until the 31st of May.


Be carefull : This offer is only on the custom boots, not on the standard boots. Each product gives you the choice to choose custom yes or no.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail, facebook or phone.


We can't guarentee the delivery time as the production time is the sole responsibilty of Deniro. When we receive them of course we will send them the same day to you.

When you don't qualify for free shipping, we will pay the shipping costs on the Deniro Boots, also the standard boots, during this time. When you are charged at checkout, we will refund you the shipping costs as soon as possible.


Happy shopping your favourite boot.