Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellant



The Ultimate Horse Fly Repellent Spray

A super high strength formulation, Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent is a 100% natural solution to even the most horrible bloodsucking and nuisance insects.

Guarding against midges, bots, houses, stables, blackflies and horseflies, Super Plus Fly Repellent not only protects but also soothes and calms irritated areas, making it the ideal choice for Horses who are sensitive or have sweet itch.

Enriched with pure avocado extract, a nutrient rich ingredient boasting high Vitamin A, D & E levels, this potent fly repellent deep conditions and nourishes affected skin, providing long lasting relief and comfort. Fully FEI and HRA compliant. HSE 8725

Horse who doesnt like Sprays ?

The same highly effective and extra strength formulation, Super Plus Fly Repellent Gel is an 100% natural gel specially designed for easy application to the more difficult and awkward regions including head and belly. Fully FEI and HRA compliant.