BHS Complete training Manual Stage 3


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A revised and fully expanded edition of the BHS very successful Training Manual for Stage 3. This guide, based on the latest syllabus, explains how candidates should train to ensure competence in every aspect of the two part syllabus horse knowledge, care and riding. The Manual covers successful exam technique: what to expect, how the students should present themselves and how to deal with problems encountered on the day.


Islay Auty BA FBHS is a Fellow of the British Horse Society, a chief examiner, a riding coach, dressage judge and competitor. A freelance instructor, she has over twenty years experience of training career students and competition partnerships both in the UK and overseas. Margaret Linington-Payne MA (Ed) BHSI is Director of Standards (the department responsible for training, education and exams) at the BHS; a chief examiner and former Where to Train centre proprietor.