Botanica Natural Herbal Skin Cream

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Botanica Cream

The unique properties of Botanica Natural Herbal Skin Cream combine to be efficacious in the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions and infections. It reduces inflammation and helps prevent the formation of proud flesh and scar tissue. It relieves sore tendons and muscular aches. Effective in the treatment of mud fever and insect bites, the cream contains a natural insect repellent.

Usage Instructions

Clean affected area with Botanica Wound Wash and apply twice daily.

About the Company

Botanica International is a natural herbal range developed locally in Northern Ireland. 

The Herbal range contains a combination of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Comfrey and Oil of Lavender, all of which have proven beneficial properties.

Botanica's Herbal system works to promote healthy cell growth and complete recovery with no permanent blemishes.

Botanica products are all Anti-septic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial. Botanica washs and creams are used widely on all forms of animals from dairy cows to zoo animals.

 Botanica International's natural and non-toxic preparations are prepared using a range of powerful plants provided by nature. The products are for external use and contain combinations of Aloe Vear, Comfrey, Oil of Lavender and Tea Tree oil, all of which have proven results. These natural ingredients are contained in a special cream base with moisturising agents.

Botanica Cream should be in every tack room and every first Aid Kit in every yard.