Constanta Rodeo



Constanta  Rodeo

The Constanta Rodeo is an ergonomically designed clipper with a very slim, lightweight hand Part. 

This is ideal for users that have small hands or wrist problems or just like a light clippers.

It has a 65W state of the art permanent magnetic motor system, allowing more torque and performance, than most other clippers in this range. 

It has been tried and tested giving cool performance over a long period of clipping.  The is the lightest in weight of all medium duty clippers.  Take A2 (Wolseley/Liveryman) type blades.

Made in Germany

·      Powerful, easy to service, permanent magnetic motor.

•      Ergonomically shaped with optimum weight balance

•      Easy clipping even with very heavy coat conditions

•      Good for small hands – handpiece 9” length – 6 “ circumference

•      Extremely light - 740 grams

·       Powerful 65 Watt permanent magnetic motor

·       Optimised air cooling

·       Comes with one set of A2 blades/oil/brush/case/instruction book

·         2 Years Warranty


The hand piece measures 24 cm in length from the tip of the blade the base of the clipper with the main grip point measuring 16 cm in circumference. Weight: 0.71 kg.