Equiline Lorenzini Titanio Long Full Cheek Lozenge Snaffle 16mm


€89.99 €209.99

The pure titanium full cheek snaffle by Lorenzini is hand manufactured in Italy to the highest standards. Titanium bits offer some amazing benefits to the horse and rider - soft and warm to the touch, this encourages the horse to salivate and take the bit. Strong and tough but exceptionally light - your bit will last a lifetime! Naturally coated in Dioxide - destroys most bacteria, helping to keep your horses mouth clean and healthy!

The full cheek snaffle is great for riders struggling to turn their horse - the long shanks help to encourage the horse to bend and prevent the bit from sliding through the mouth. This is the perfect bit for breaking horses in, and teaching youngsters.

16mm Thickness / 135mm / 5.25"