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Alphasoothe or Alphabute 

(Cannot be called alpha"bute" in Ireland under medicenes board restrictions, but it is the same product)

Fast acting

Start feeding Alphasoothe as soon as required. Can be used just for shorter periods or long term.  Many customers will use Alphasoothe for several months at a time. 

Alphasoothe powder is a much more potent alternative to the use of products based on Devils Claw. Provides nutritional help in only a few hours and supports the circulation to affected areas. Ideal for use with Movefree and StrongBone during the course of a herbal regime for the joints. Important for muscle and tendon comfort. Ease away your horse_ "!s troubles.

Contains no phenylbutazone.

Maintaining good joint comfort and soundness in the long or short term. 

    Whenever your horse is not quite right and restless.

    For backs

    For all laminae

    After a fall or when travelling has been traumatic.

    After hard exercise for easy recovery.

    Routinely after heavy road work.

    In conjunction with Movefree or Glucosamine products.

Frankincense, Winter Cherry, Guduchi vine, Turmeric, Amla Berry

Just to be clear... alphasoothe doesnt contain Bute, they are all herbal feed supplements.