Global Herbs Diareze

Global Herbs


Global Herbs Diareeze helps to maintain firm, more normal droppings in a variety of situations for horses that are prone to loose droppings, diahorrea and scouring. Many horses are prone to loose dropping when they are let back out in the field in Spring, whereas some are more prone to it when they are kept in on hay or haylage. Either way, Diareeze is tried and tested and proven to be very effective at making droppings more comfortable and healthier.

For firm droppings

A very efficient and natural way of soothing faecal consistency.

  • Normal stools
  • Keep clean


    Wood Apple (Aegle Marmelos), Fire flame bush (Woodfordia Fruticosa), Pomegranite (Punica Granatum), Guduchi vine (Tinospora Cordifolia) 

    Feed 1-4 level 25ml scoops two to three times daily as required