Global Herbs Mud X Cream 200G

Global Herbs


Global Herbs Mud X Cream is for when yo need that extra help on difficult days.


When you bring your horse in from the field wash off all mud well and dry before applying Mud-X to any specifically troublesome spots.


This cream can be applied before turnout but is water soluble and will not stay on the skin all day.


In such situations it will however work to keep the skin safe for considerable periods.


Designed for use with Global Herns food supplement Mud-X.


Global Herbs Mud X and Global Herbs Mud X Cream together can help to keep you and your horse safe and sound throughout even the worst winters.


Global Herbs Mud X Cream can alos be used on heels and greasy areas and any skin problem.


Directions for use:


After cleaning the affected area and drying, apply cream lightly and ensure rain or grass does not wash it off. Usefully applied at night.