This is a pack of 5 Haas Brushes, so a great value for your money.

Dark Bay and black horses mostly have a short, robust coat, and due to their colour they can produce an excess of oil. They also sweat a lot. This sweat can mix with the oil and be very hard to remove with ordinary brushes. This pack includes 5 brushes to help you remove dirt and non - essential oils on the skin.

These brushes are :

1. made from a mixture of grey and black horsehair, what creates a superior cleaning result.

2. shorter and strong horsehair bristles in the centre surrounded by longer black bristles. 

3. exclusive horsehair brush with slightly longer outer bristles for excellent grooming results.

4. A brush with soft, white horsehair, for an extra shiny result

5. created with lambskin from Matthes, surrounded by a rim of horsehair, what creates a perfect shiny look !


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