Haas Cavaliere Brush

Haas Brushes


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Haas Brushes - Made in Germany 

Pure, robust mane and tail horse hair, are the materials used for this grooming brush. The bristle border is longer for optimum cleaning results.  This makes this an ideal brush to start your grooming routine with, as it removes sweat and muck within a few strokes.  The duel length bristles ensure both cleaning and shine during your grooming session.

This is also a perfect brush for unclipped, winter hair, and those breeds with a longer coat.

The strength and elasticity of this hair mixture ensures a brush of high quality, as with all of the Haas brushes this one is also made in Germany.

HAAS brushes are patented. Generally HAAS uses specially selected synthetic materials as the basis for all brushes and combs. These synthetics provide: 

  • better hygiene (all products are washable)
  • increased reliability
  • longevity
  • comfortable handling
  • water resistance
  • precision manufacturing
  • retention of bristles
  • shatter resistance

During the manufacturing process the hand loop together with the bristles are directly incorporated with the body of the brush. No nails, spikes or screws means no risk of injury. No glue, so nothing can fall apart. The loops can not come away or become loose. The longevity of brushes is guaranteed - a good reason to choose HAAS.