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“For a calmer and easier horse”

RelaxMe is a unique double action formula guaranteed free from prohibited substances. RelaxMe combines magnesium, vitamin E and B group vitamins to create a calmer more easy-going horse.

More than just another calmer RelaxMe gives you a calm, less anxious horses and pony which have a quiet confidence in their own natural abilities. The dual action of Relax Me Horse Calmer works on both the gut and nervous system which means the one effect you see and feel is coming from our two pronged approach.

No matter what level you compete at or if you ride for pleasure, you will gain so much more from giving RelaxMe.
After years of research and many trials RelaxMe was developed and feedback from riders is amazing! Today as more and more competitors and trainers from every equestrian discipline discover the benefits of RelaxMe the response and success stories grow and grow.

More recently we have added to our product range RelaxMeNow syringe. 

RelaxMeNOW has been developed to offer that boost of RelaxMe when it is needed. The majority of the time, horses perform well on their normal feeding regime of RelaxMe, however there are many instances when due to competition timetables, i.e. early feeds, travelling, course walking etc. when a boost of RelaxMeNOW, 2 hours prior to the start of competition will really help.