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Global Herbs Globalvite


Minerals are essential for your horse year round

Incredible joints, skin, hooves & much more. The perfect ‘feed balancer ’

GlobalVite is one of the very few mineral supplements packed full of important chelated (bound to proteins) minerals. These specially formulated minerals are highly absorbable and about as close as you can get to the nutrients that your horse gets from its food.  

GlobalVite is guaranteed to have your horse glowing with health and vitality

Gleaming Coat, Strong healthy hooves

If you only feed one supplement - then Globalvite should be it

Ideal for poor or hungry horses to get them back to good condtition,

3 kg  = 3 month supply


How do I know my horse needs mins and vits? Every horse does! ... but here are some special situations:

  • In different weather conditions, when stressed or at different times of year, all animals need different amounts of minerals. How else can you give them what they need when they cannot choose themselves?
  • In extreme situations if your horse starts eating soil, bark or wood it is likely that he or she needs a supplement straight away.

Chelated minerals for high availability. Calcium 18%, Phosphorus 10%, Sodium 5%, Magnesium 4%, Zn, Mn, Cu, Iron, Iodine, Cobalt, Selenium, Vit A, Nicotinic Acid, Vit D3, VitE, Biotin, Vit B12, VitB1.  Trace elements and vitamin sources, Extract of Yucca.

Adult Horses:   100g /day (3 by 25ml scoops).    Ponies & Foals: 50g/day (1 ½ scoops) 



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