HorseWare Baseball Cap LED Lights

Horseware Ireland


This is such a great idea and we have already proved how utterly useful these baseball caps with built in LED lights in the brim can be.



Available in the ever popular and stylish Country Green & Navy


Its a stylish, good quality, unisex baseball cap, attractively branded with the Horseware logo embroidered on the front but it has added value (as those in marketing like to say).


Built into the edge of the generous and rigid brim are five tiny LED lights worked by a simple touch sentive button on the side of the brim. One simple click and you have light!


We began by wearing ours around the yard in gloomy mornings and evenings but very quickly found its also perfect when collecting the horses in the evening - no more struggling to hold torch and horse and you kep both hands free; no more straining in the dusk to see the padlock combination on the gate. Its also proved invaluable when collecting logs from the wood store, walking through dimly lit areas and mucking out in poorly-lit stables.


The battery container is tiny and neatly placed out of sight in its own internal velcrod pocket. So it doesnt look intrusive (in fact you cant see it) and it doesnt get in the way.


Each adjustable cap (the velcro at the back is generous, so the caps fit most head sizes) comes with a pack of spare batteries.


Innovative, fun, a little bit different and highly practical. We love them!