Jointed 3 Ring Snaffle - 4.5" Only

Shires Equestrian

€20.99 €29.99

This stainless steel bit is useful when control is an issue - the three rings offer leverage options to increase the severity. The 5" and smaller sizes of this bit come with shorter cheeks to ensure the bit remains in proportion.

A three-ring snaffle, sometimes called a Dutch gag, is a loose ring bit with distinct sidepieces composed, despite its name, of four rings. You attach the cheek piece to the tiny top ring; then you can attach the rein to the big snaffle ring (the one that's connected to the mouthpiece) for minimal effect, the second (small) ring for moderate effect, or the third (bottom) ring for maximum effect.

The bit works by providing:

Leverage. When you pull back on one of the lower rings with the rein, the top ring levers forward and pulls the cheekpiece down, which applies pressure to the horse_ "!s poll and encourages him to lower his head.

Lift. As you pull on the reins, the mouthpiece rides up the snaffle ring in an elevating action. When combined with a strong leg pushing the horse forward into the bridle, it helps to balance him off his forehand.

Turning power. The sidepieces function like the shanks of a full-cheek snaffle, helping to steer the horse by pressing against the outside of his face in a turn.

 You can use Pelham Roundings for ease of use