Himalayan Salt Lick with Rope

KM Elite


Groom Aways Pure Himalayan Salt Licks provide the essential minerals sodium and chloride, which are often short in the diets of working horses. Salt (sodium chloride) is such an important mineral for good health that horses will seek it out if they are short. Therefore, offering a block is a good way to ensure they can help themselves to what they need. One of the purest, most natural sources of salt available, the Himalayan blocks are mined out of the ground at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Mining the blocks gives the local mountain people their main source of income. The blocks are a 550 million year old completely natural source of salt for your horse.

Folklore tells us that the mines were discovered by Alexander the Great when his horses licked the ground as they rested nearby. The blocks are very hard so they won’t crumble

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