Equitheme Leather Chaps



Full grain cow leather half chaps, finely grained. In supple leather, they will fit your calf perfectly for optimum comfort. _ SYKK_ rear zip, secured with press buttons on flaps at the top and bottom of the shaft. Elastic foot straps reinforced with leather.


For proper fit, we recommend that you take the time to determine your measurements before you order. Have another person measure your leg for the most accuracy. Half chaps should fit similarly to tall boots and should also come up into the back of your knee at first. When fitted properly, they will be difficult to zip at first, should be uncomfortably tight around the top, and will drop comfortably around your leg as they break in


Standard Lenght - CMS

XXS=39.5H X 28W

XS=44.5H X 30 W

S=44.5H X 33W

M=47H X 36W

L=47H X 38W