Equiline Lorenzini Jumping Stirrup



Equiline Lorenzini Stirrups Aluminium/Titanium Jumping Stirrups

Researched and manufactured by Lorenzini Titanio in Italy, these very specialised stirrups were introduced in early 2000 and have been developed into a comprehensive range with the horse's  care and performance in mind and represent a major technological breakthrough.

The knurled titanium tread increases surface friction, so that the foot perfectly adheres to it.

The design favours the foot coming out, therefore limiting possible injuries. Once youve felt the balance & feel of these you wont want to ride in anything else.

The Equiline Lorenzini Original Aluminium/Titanium Stirrups are streamlined, sophisticated, and available in a variety of colours with shiny, mat or shimmering finishing.

The refined ergonomic design of Lorenzini stirrups is studied to limit possible traumas in case of a fall and allow easy foot release. Moreover, the particular shape guarantees great resistance to torsion stress, and therefore allows prompt balance recovery.
Features Include:


* Supremely strong, yet lightweight


* Wide footbed to ease pressure on knees


* Extremely resistant to corrosion


* Biocompatible, antibacterial and hypoallergenic


* Fantastic grip and support through the foot


* Uniquely balanced with a slight incline so the stirrup comes back into your foot when lost


* Rides like a jointed stirrup without the joint