Rein Bows

Rein Bows


Horse Reins and Tack that Works


Rein-Bows attach easily to the reins to help maintain proper rein length and to keep the reins from slipping. This invention will help your hand position and give you more strength, with less effort.


Rein-Bows are beneficial for...


THERAPEUTIC HORSE RIDING Therapeutic Riding with Rein-Bows

For younger riders or any riders with a less powerful grip_ it becomes more difficult to fully control their mounts, especially with those horses that are determined to pull the reins through the riders hands. Rein-Bows gives that rider a much stronger hold on the rein giving them more confidence as well as allowing them to prevent this problem from occurring.



The most popular use for Rein-Bows will be in the student teacher connection, it will make the teachers job much easier as well as the students. They will help your position and give you more strength with less effort. When the riders hands are in the correct position, this forces the rider to develop a correct leg position instead of balancing off the horses neck or mouth. When using Rein-Bows during a lesson, concentrating on your rein length is taken out of the equation and allows the instructor to work on other aspects of your riding. With extended use of Rein-Bows, the rider will develop a natural feel and memory of where the hands belong while unfolding an appreciation for the effect it has on riders contact with the horse.


WET WEATHER HORSE RIDING Great for wet weather riding

Wet weather has effected us all while riding. No one more so than a rider competing in a jump-off that cant control their mount because of wet slippery reins. Rein-Bows will eliminate this problem when used on a good set of rubber jumping reins. They are designed not to slip on rubber reins under any conditions if installed properly.



It is not just beginner riders that have trouble with the reins slipping through their hands. Many top level show riders have found that they have much more secure grip on the reins during competition while using Rein-Bows.