Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle

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Schockemoehle Equitus Alpha

Schockemöhle Equitus Alpha Bridle in Espresso. The Schockemöhle Equitus Alpha bridle is an eye catching leather bridle with anatomical features.

The Equitus Alpha bridle features a specifically developed headpiece that minimises the pressure applied to the horses neck and head muscles allowing more freedom for ear movement.

The Schockemöhle Equitus Alpha offers extra comfort around the noseband due to its shape it fits perfectly around the horses head, a tapered zone around the bit ring avoids any pinching for maximum comfort.

The Equitus Alpha bridle is equipped with a curved cavesson designed to bypass the main sensitive nerve in the horse facial area and can help to prevent head shaking and muscle spasms. The Equitus Alpha also features a new flash strap position which supports unrestricted breathing.

The Equitus Alpha bridle is the perfect addition to your riding wardrobe.

Remember Reins Not Included and must be purchased separately if required.

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