TRI Superlyte Syrup 3.75 L

TRM Ireland


When horses perform high intensity short duration physical exercise they lose considerable amounts of body fluids through sweating. These horses lose€€ electrolytes in the ratio of 2 Sodium : 2 Chloride : 1 Potassium. This formulation rapidly replaces electrolytes in the same proportions, in a palatable easy to feed syrup. Regular electrolyte supplementation is vital for a horses well being and optimum athletic performance.

Feeding Instructions:Horses in training: Feed 80ml per day. Post race/competition: Feed 160ml post-race/competition. Fresh drinking water should be avalable at all times.


€€ €per 80ml €€ €per 1Litre

Chloride €€ €3,430mg €€ €42,875mg

Sodium €€ €3,440mg €€ €43,000mg

Potassium €€ €1,720mg €€ €21,500mg

Calcium €€ €539mg

€€ €6,738mg

Magnesium €€ €270mg €€ €3,375mg


€€ €20,000mg €€ €250,000mg

Excipient to €€ €80ml €€ €1,000ml