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Deniro boots

De Niro Vasari dressage boot

De Niro Vasari dressage boot

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This elegant model the De Niro Vasari Boot, a new polo dressage boot. It  has a modern look , with a front zipper ,split and  opened on the foot to facilitate the foot entrance and maintain a slim foot. All along the zip cage , a double stitching at 2 cm of distance, gives a new stylish touch.

It has a high dressage bow and a hard comfy reinforcement on the outside of the leg (similar comfy hardness as Bellini).

A top big strap adds to the boots a strong design element.

You can choose from standard sizes and order. We will order than the boot at Deniro. They will be delivered to us in about 4-6 weeks. 


We are based in Belgium, Europe.



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