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One bucket

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The ONE Bucket is designed by equestrians, for equestrians. With multiple, well-thought-through characteristics, this bucket is easy to handle and safe for horses. For example, the fact that this bucket is made out of unbreakable, recycled plastic.

Made out of unbreakable, recycled plastic.
The ONE Bucket is entirely made out of recycled plastic corks. Therefore, this material is unbreakable and perfect to use around horses.

Is stable when hung up
Thanks to the flat back, this bucket stays in place when it is hung up. This makes the ONE Bucket perfect for horses do eat or drink out of.

Rounded corners and plastic-covered edges
Buckets could be pretty dangerous for horses, due to their sharp corners or edges. The corners of the ONE Bucket are rounded, and the edges are covered in plastic. This ensures that a horse cannot injure itself with the bucket.

The front is slightly bended downnwards
The front of the bucket is slightly bent downwards, so horses can easily eat or drink out of this bucket.

Handgrip on the bottom
The handy handgrip on the bottom of the ONE Bucket makes pouring an easy job. You wont ‘t lose grip of this bucket.

Ergonomical handle
The top of the metal handle is flat, so this bucket will not cut into your hands as easily. Especially when the bucket is full.

Easily stackable
The ONE Bucket does not create a vacuum when stacked. This makes the buckets easy to stack. Additionally, due to the innovative design of this bucket, airflow between the buckets is not compromised when stacked. This prevents mold from growing in the bottom buckets.

Volume measurements inside
Because of the stripes on the inside of the bucket, you can easily see how much liter is inside of the bucket. This could come in handy for example, when you are measuring how much your horse has drinken.

Clamp for water hose
The handle of the bucket is bended on one side, so you can clamp a water hose under it. Therefore, you don’t have to hold the hose when you are filling a bucket. This way you can efficiently fill in your time.

Supporting surface underneath bucket
On the bottom of the bucket, a supporting surface is created. This ensures that the bucket is steady when balancing it on your knee.

Slightly bent handle
The metal handle of the bucket is slightly bent on the top, so you can easily hang it. 

Volume of 18 liters