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Stübben easy control 3 Ring gag 2281

Stübben easy control 3 Ring gag 2281

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Width: 12.5 / 13.5  (5 1/4")/ 14.0 / 14.5 (5 3/4") / 15.0 cm
Ring Ø: 70 x130 mm
Thickness: 14mm

Advantages of the “EASY CONTROL” 3 ring snaffle:
• More effective bar action only in the direction of pull – with lateral flexibility of the outer bit parts
• More effective, mouth-friendly aids
• Easier and faster communication between horse and rider
• Optimum influence even with low rein pressure, ideal for horses that go against the hand
• "EASY CONTROL" 3-ring snaffles have proven themselves very well in show jumping, since it is often difficult for horses to put on weight before jumping.
• When using bits that are too sharp, the horses often become too cautious and then don't make enough speed. This negative effect does not occur with the “EASY CONTROL” 3-ring snaffle.
• "EASY CONTROL" snaffles have a strong influence on the horse via the bar action when required, but as soon as the horse accepts the rein aids, the bit acts softly and comfortably on the tongue and bars.
• The “EASY CONTROL” bit enables the rider to have a more targeted influence on his horse with less rein pressure.

Advantages of the 3-ring snaffle:
• The special rings of the 3-ring snaffle increase the external influence on the horse's mouth, making it easier to lean on the outer reins.
• The 3-ring snaffle has proven particularly effective in show jumping, as the bit allows particularly good guidance thanks to the special rings. This is especially helpful when making quick turns

Stübben Steeltec quality:
• No sharp edges that could injure the horse's mouth
• Long durability through selected materials
• Special processing techniques reduce the deflection of the joints of the bit

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