Stübben Gag bit jointed 2232 Stübben

Stübben Gag bit jointed 2232

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Size 12.5


Width: 12.5 / 13.5 / 14.5 cm
Ring Ø : 80 mm
Thickness: 16mm
stainless steel

Advantages of the stainless steel bridle:
• High quality
• Long service life thanks to the use of high quality stainless steel
• The ring connections are precisely worked without edges and corners where the horse can otherwise easily get stuck
Advantages of a bridle with twisted mouthpiece:
• Enables effective aids to the horse's mouth and poll
• Particularly suitable for horses with a strong urge to move forward and horses that go against the hand
• Particularly popular in show jumping and polo

Stübben STEELtec quality:
• No sharp edges that can injure the horse's mouth
• Long durability through selected materials
• Special processing techniques reduce the deflection of the ring holes and joint connections of the bit