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Trust Verden large crank noseband bridle

Trust Verden large crank noseband bridle

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The dressage bridle TRUST Verden is a graceful bridle that is very stylish.

The wide anatomical noseband is curved and has a super soft padding for extra comfort. The noseband is lined with nylon. This means that the noseband cannot stretch and the fit remains perfect. The padded crank noseband is narrowed at the ends, which provides more freedom with the bit. In addition, the flash strap has a buckle protector so that the buckle never touches the horse's nose.

The browband is equipped with the purest quality Stellux™ stones, which ensures for an elegant look. These stones are deep-set, so they do not fall out. The browband is also curved.

The headpiece is anatomically shaped and cut back for more freedom at the ears. The padding of the headpiece is soft but not too thick so that there is direct contact with the horse.

The TRUST Verden is made of the highest quality European full-grain leather. This is smooth and becomes even more beautiful in use. Thanks to this high quality, the TRUST Verden has a long lifespan. The shapes of the modern horse have been taken into account in every design. These two properties ensure that the TRUST Verden connects imperceptibly to the head.

• The TRUST Verden has a subtle TRUST logo in the headpiece and on the browband
• The TRUST Verden comes in a pack of two unique TRUST towels
• The TRUST Verden comes in the combination of black with silver buckles and is also available with a white padded noseband
• All buckles are brass nickel plated so they won't rust"




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