Loyalty program

As a way to thank our loyal customers we have a reward system in place that will give you some profit each time you order an item from our store.

This means that you will receive, after the payment of the order, a giftcard worth 5 % of your order for the next purchase, sent to your e-mail. So please don't forget to enter your e-mailadres. This will not apply to items already discounted.

You can use the giftcard for a next purchase or keep them to have a larger amount to spend on a bigger purchase for example.

This way you can easily get credit and it rewards your loyalty.

So for example, if you buy an item of € 100, you will receive a giftcard of € 5 that can be spent for one of your next purchases.

Are you a professional rider or do you have a riding school. Maybe we can set up a partnership. For more info contact us at contact@horseworldeu.com.


Confectionery - Loyalty program