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Comfort Gut

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Comfort Gut is a totally natural supplement made from specially selected charcoal. FEI Approved so suitable for racehorses and International Horses,

The Ten Key benefits of comfort Gut:

Reason 1 – Lush grass, high grain levels, wormers, stress, rich haylage, changing diet, changing routine, changing environment, fast paced life, travelling, competing – your horse has a lot to cope with! All these things stress the digestive system and can cause food to move too quickly through the stomach and intestines. This can result in loose stools and watery poo , which can leave a dirty tail and bum.

Reason 2 – Because you want all the sparkle, without the fizz. Week-in week-out horses can begin to struggle with the exertion at a show but also the time travelling, with over-exertion and stress to stay balanced while moving. Comfort gut helps your horse over come these problems

Reason 3 – Super condition - Helps your horse gain the most from his feed for ultimate weight and condition.

Reason 4 – Rich Shiny coat, expels toxins from the body to leave your horse lovely and shiny.

Reason 5 – Helps with gurgling and tummy troubles, 

Reason 6 – Helps foals make the transition from milk to solids.

Reason 7 – Helps rescue horses or horses who have not had the best start in life.

Reason 8 – Can help with excess acid caused by concentrates

Reason 9 – Helps with the stabled restless, fidgety, unsettled, uneasy, irritable, anxious, apprehensive, edgy horse who, may feel the need to develop a ‘vice’.Can help settle the spooky and wired horse.

Reason 10 – Because Comfort Gut is your all round gut essential Comfort Gut aids the internal workings of a horse from the first mouthful to the last drop of poo! So stop your feed room looking like a pharmacy. Think Comfort Gut.

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