Pharmakas Horse Fit Form Sporty-Haft Spray - Saddle Grip/Sticky Bum Spray



Sporty-Haft Spray

Simply apply Sporty-Haft Spray to your riding boots where they touch the saddle, and to the saddle flaps and seat, where the wax and resin ingredients create an adhesive layer.

Stay snug and secure in your tack with the Pharmaka Anti-Slip Saddle Leather Spray! No matter the discipline, every rider can benefit from this handy sport spray as it improves thigh and seat position. The high-degree of friction resistance ensures your leg won't slip an inch while also stabilizing your seat and leg aids to improve coordination with your equine athlete. Ideal to spray onto the inner side of the bootleg or saddle flap, the residue is easy to clean up so all you have to concentrate on is the ride! 


  • Improvement of Thigh and Seat Position
  • Provides High Degree of Friction Resistance
  • Better Communication Between Horse and Rider
  • Easy Cleanup


Size: 200 ml