Prestige Leather Care Kit

Prestige Italia

€19.99 €23.99

Prestige Leather Care is designed to gently treat your high-grade leather goods, particularly for open-pored kinds of leather. Our ingredients are specifically chosen to maintain the high quality of Prestige leather. It will maintain your leathers elasticity, ability to breathe, and will act as a moisturizer. Gives leather a brilliant shine and provides superb grip. Use regularly to extend the life of your equipment. Leather Kit comes with a 200 mL Leather Cleaner and a 200 mL Leather Conditioner.

Apply an even and thin layer onto the cleaned leather. If necessary, polish again with a soft cloth.


Apply Prestige Leather Cleaner in circles using a soft, moist sponge. After cleaning, dry leather using a soft cloth. Tip: For best results, use warm water. If necessary, use the Prestige Leather Conditioner after cleaning.