How do you correctly care for lambskin products ?


Lambskin protects your horse from chafing and pressure points and offers the horse more comfort at the same time. It also looks nice on the horse when someone is properly taking care of it. This proper care is very important for both the look of the lambskin and the functioning. Washing the lambskin regularly is an absolute must. So it is important to know how to take care of these lambskin products that you use for your horse.


When being used, lambskin also absorbs dirt and the horse's sweat while riding. So it gets dirty and is no longer hygienic.

When washing, sebum, ammonia, sweat residues and dirt are easily removed. Real lambskin may and should be dried in the dryer so that it becomes really fluffy again. Regularly washed, groomed lambskin you can use for years. So the investment you make in buying it, is really worth it for your horse.

When you want to wash lambskin products, you handle them like this :

Before washing, you should remove surface dirt with a special lambskin brush or something like the Leistner allrounder. Pure lambskin products such as neck, nose or breastplate protectors can easily be washed in the washing machine. Some saddle pads can also easy be cleaned in the washing machine.

To be sure, please watch the washing instructions of the product.

Special lambskin detergents are also available for laundry.

There are a few things to think about for the best results :

Close Velcro straps so that nothing can get in between.

Wash the lambskin in the washing machine with a special lambskin detergent.

Do not stuff the machine, rather wash little.

Optimal temperature at 30 degrees.

Normal spin cycle

Please do not use fabric softener. Lambskin detergent ONLY!



Immediately after washing, tumble dry

You will have the best results in cold air or up to 30 degrees in a tumble dryer

The lambskin can be dried also in the oprn air.

Please don’t let  it dry in the direct sun or on the heating.

Only well-groomed lambskin, that has no residues or dirt, protects your horse and offers comfort. After riding, you can easily clean damp lambskin with the brush and prevent solid dirt.


In this way riding and grooming stays pleasant for you and for your horse. Isn’t that what it all is about ?

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