Our high quality standard demands

Thanks to our 137 years of experience and craftsmanship in making brushes, we produce high quality and durable products.

But we also know:

The quality of a product is only as good as it‘s used materials.

Therefore we only use carefully processed wood from European forests which is sustainably managed. All grooming brushes are made from natural wood. They are PEFC or FSC®-certified. We use wooden backs from beech, cherry or walnut wood.

For our high quality horse brushes we use 100 % horse hair from the tail, 100 % pig bristles or 100 % wild boar bristles. The bristles are specially processed long and tight. This guarantees the best cleaning effect with gently, kind to the skin care and a massage effect such as a high durability of our brushes.

All high quality grooming brushes in size "b" are dome shaped (to the middle of the brush longer bristles) to provide close contact to the coat.

We guarantee that you always get consistent best quality. Therefore the company Leistner equips all with 100 % horsehair or 100 % bristles reported body brushes with excactly 100 % horsehair or 100 % pig bristles. Unfortunately competitors name their brushes also horse hair grooming brushes but they often consist of 10 % till 30 % horse hair of the mane or even worse: they consist of cow hair. And the quality of horse hair differs in their quality. We only use best quality from the tail not from the mane. This explains the price difference.

Many of our other brushes are equipped with 100 % natural fibres "Union" or "Fibre" because the have advantages instead of synthetic bristles.

  • gentle on the skin and coat
  • no electrostatic charge
  • sustainable raw material

Advantages of Leistner Brushes

  • when using natural materials, no synthetic materials are added when 100% is stated
  • gentle on the skin and coat
  • high quality in optics and composition
  • durable
  • comforatable in the hand by wooden backs
  • wooden backs are sustainable and exclusively PEFC or FSC® certified
  • the high quality leather straps can be shortened in length or can be replaced
  • uniquely big variety
  • individualization by embossing a name on the belt
  • special requests can be implemented even with small series
  • sustainable product