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It seems trivial to start a story like this, but his character comes before his nostrils, his mane, his hooves, so pleasantly noisy. Or better. Everything about him expresses "that" character and, looking at the details as a whole, we understand very well that they could not belong to any other horse.

May 25th 2004: Unno is born in the wonderful Puglia.
Who ever saw it was born, tells of him being lively, intense, courageous. It should also be added : very proud of its beauty, of its long mane that plays with the air when it gallops or when it makes the smallest movement.

Unno has been loved and loved so much. It is a horse that in the eyes expresses the awareness of what it is, of its charm, of its absolute black.

Unno is an influencer. Influences those who watch it, who mounts it, who follows it on social media.

Animal - U - BLACK

His being a horse, his style without looking for him is absolutely viral. He made two films, but that doesn't matter much. The attitude coincides with the instinct and vice versa. Such a horse is contagious, it is a pure desire for beauty ... That is why this story does not end here.

From the charm of Unno we have learned what it means to design pure beauty in space, simply by moving. Every aspect of his character, so authentic and uncompromising, disciplined and free at the same time, everything in him is a gift, and his beauty is a constant invitation to create new beauty. From the very essence of Hun, from his way of being and moving, something big was born.

We saw, dreamed, imagined, strongly wanted a collection of products dedicated to the horse, expressions of Italian craftsmanship of the highest level, customizable and unique.

We have worked for a long time to enclose in the refinement of the details, in the choice of fabrics, materials and finishes, in the definition of the unmistakable style of the U-Black collection a fragment of the uniqueness of Unno, of the perfection of its movements.

In each piece of the U-Black collection there is a spark of its essence: Unno, pure black.