Flex - on

Flex-on has totally re-invented the stirrup, creating a revolutionary design based on the founders' unique combination of high-tech engineering expertise and high-level competitive riding experience.

Flex-on stirrups provide an extraordinarily stable and comfortable ride that has to be experienced to be believed. They feature a number of unique design features:      

- Ultra-lightweight yet strong frames: The carefully designed frames and footbeds use aerospace-grade aluminium (Pro model) or high-tech composites with steel core (Balance model) to produce a stirrup weighing only 450g.  The composite model's steel core protects against the risk of breakages experienced with some composite-framed stirrups.

- Innovative frame design: Unlike normal stirrups, the stirrup-leather slot in Flex-on frames is off-set and skewed at an angle. This, combined with a carefully designed inclined footbed helps achieve an ideal leg position, dramatically adding stability and confidence and reducing stress and strain on the hip, knee and ankle joints

- Shock absorption: Elastomers built into the base of the footbed, plus the carefully designed flex characteristics of the frame itself, help the stirrup absorb shocks and vibration, again improving comfort and reducing strains.     

- Ergonomic footbed with "Ultra-grip" studs:  The footbed is inclined at a carefully designed angle to match the natural heel position, while small studs built into the footbed (which don't pierce boot soles or the skin) grip the rider's boot to help prevent slipping and give an excellent connection with the horse.  


The range: Balance composite  vs. Pro aluminium

The range consists of the standard "Balance" model and the premium "Pro-Balance". Both incorporate the same engineering with all the features outlined above, but the Pro model features a frame of milled out of solid aerospace-grade aluminium, rather than the less expensive to manufacture steel reinforced composite of the standard model. In addition, the Pro model features four-point support between the frame and footbed rather than the two point support in the composite model, which can provide greater stability when coming down hard off jumps.

In general terms, we would recommend the Pro model for high-level competitive jumping and event riders. For others, the composite model typically works equally well at a rather lower cost, and offers a greater range of options to customise the colour scheme of the stirrups.  

Flex-on have also recently released a new "Safe-on" range of composite-based safety stirrups.