De Niro Tricolore


What is Tricolore?

Tricolore is the symbol for every Italian of their Nation, and there is nothing
better than Tricolore to distinguish a product entirely made in Italy.

Tricolore is a young, fresh and elegant brand. The finest quality leathers and the attention to the detail allow today’s modern, dynamic riders to enjoy comfort
and practicality, without forgoing elegance and quality. Tricolore boots are practical and

They reflect “Italian style” and make it available to everybody.

Why Tricolore? There are at least three reasons:

because the Italian flag is made of three colors and for every Italian “Tricolore” is the word that distinguishes a product entirely made in Italy and handcrafted by skilled artisans;

because there are three steps on the podium that every athlete wants to climb;

because three essential features characterize our boots: comfort, elegance, durability.

And we are sure that everyone can find at least three more reasons to wear a Tricolore!
What are you waiting for? Choose your own Tricolore boots!