Growing up on a working horse farm in Pennsylvania, she was one of eight kids and spent her childhood surrounded by animals – horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats. She have a special memory of sitting in front of the TV in 1973, watching Secretariat win the Kentucky Derby. He went on to win the Triple Crown, setting records that still stand today. Secretariat’s big heart and competitive spirit were the motivations behind naming the company Ariat.

Ariat was founded as “The New Breed of Boot.” They were the first to integrate athletic footwear technology into boots for equestrian athletes. Today, the world-class product team builds innovative and award-winning performance products for all types of outdoor and work environments. They are honored to be a part of your story and thank you for being part of theirs.


Ariat is committed to building a different breed of company, one that reflects their core values as a team and those of their consumers. The company values have shaped the success since 1993 – a commitment to innovation, quality, integrity, teamwork and respect.

They believe their values are what set them apart and have helped build Ariat into the one of the top Equestrian, Outdoor and Work brands in the world. Product quality is non-negotiable, and so is the collaborative culture and giving back to the communities they serve.


Ariat takes its name from Secretariat, the legendary race horse and 1973 Triple Crown winner with a heart almost three times the size of an average thoroughbred. Secretariat is widely considered the greatest racehorse of all time. His athleticism and non-stop competitive spirit make him an enduring inspiration for the  company.



Ariat is a leader in developing advanced technologies to deliver products that outperform in a variety of demanding environments. They partner with world-class biomechanical research groups and testing labs to improve product performance, comfort and durability – while focusing on real-world product functionality.

They work with global suppliers to develop new materials that are lighter, cooler and more durable than anything in the market. They field-test all of the products with people like you, to consistently raise the bar for functionality and style.



World-class product requires world-class design, materials and workmanship. The footwear team obsesses over every single detail of their boots and shoes - from the finish and durability of the leather to the stitches per inch where a boot gets a lot of wear.

Many of their boots go through 150 steps during construction, ensuring world-class performance, fit and durability. The apparel team reimagines every element of our clothing – building in the Ariat difference of innovation in materials, fit, and function. Ariat denim is manufactured using advanced sustainability processes while the finishing is performed by denim “artists” that give every pair a unique look.



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