Giuseppe Poponcini from Italy is a highly renowned craftsman in various business fields connected to the world of mechanics. He has always had a passion for horse riding and he decided one day to give his son a horse as a present.

Being a very refined observer, he soon became aware of the fact that the horse could not stand any kind of mouthpiece.

He therefore decided to deepen his research about mouthpieces in order to be able to produce with his own hands a kind of mouthpiece, which could be suitable for his beloved horse.

After several attempts he succeeded in carrying out a really fantastic kind of mouthpiece, which enables the rider to give orders in a pleasant and harmonious way, and due to this reason, when he then decided to produce this kind of mouthpiece to market it also, he decided to call them Harmony, (unique snaffle-bits) which can become more or less rigid by changing their inner support device, and nevertheless are able to constantly keep their external softness.

Poponcini bits are quality bits handmade in Italy.