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As you might know Trust Equestrian is known for it’s high quality bits. The bits are ultra-dutch. Ideas emerge together with riders at competitions, afterwards the concept is designed at the office in Oisterwijk, followed by the production of a first prototype. The brothers Teun and Bas van Riel are the brains behind the production. Together with a team of technical staff they make the best creations every day.

The bits can be divided in 3 categories, sweet iron, inno sense and leather and 20 types of mouthpieces and 29 different cheek pieces.

Which one is the most suitable for your horse ? We try to explain here.

Sweet Iron Bits

Sweet iron will rust when it comes into contact with (air) humidity; the surface rust tastes sweet and naturally stimulates the saliva production. This will cause the horse to salivate more which in turn encourages better acceptance of the bit. The rusting process (oxidation) changes the blue colour of the TRUST-bit to a brownish-grey.

If a sweet iron bit is not used for a while, an orange-brown rust layer may develop on the mouthpiece. Simply remove this by wiping the bit with a damp cloth.

Inno Sense Bits

The Inno Sense bits come in three different models: soft, medium & hard. The mouthpieces are available in the versions; flexi, mullen and port. Bits from the Inno Sense line can be used for every horse and particularly suitable for young horses and/or horses with a sensitive mouth. The synthetic material is FDA - approved, which means the material does not contain plasticizers and is non-toxic to people and animals. In addition, the flexi- and mullen model of the Inno Sense Bits line are solid because of the application of a core of stainless steel. Horses that are ridden with an Inno Sense Bit follow the hand easily and accept the bit smoothly.

Leather Bits

The core of the bit is made of reinforced nylon. The leather that is stitched around this core, is naturally tanned without chemicals. The saliva production softens the leather bit and makes it more pleasant for the horse.

The flexible mechanism in combination with the taste of the leather, makes the bit particularly suitable for horses with a sensitive mouth.


Mouth pieces and cheek pieces :

he mouthpiece of a horse bit is positioned in the mouth of the horse, hence the name. Mouthpieces come in various types and each and every one of them has its own specific effect.

The cheek piece of the bit influences the jaws of the horse. Once again, there are various styles and every style has its own specific effect.


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