Haas full set Uta Graf Haas

Haas full set Uta Graf

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This product is the Haas Uta Graf Set.

This set is everything you need in your grooming box in one handy, colour co-ordinated set, a complete horse grooming kit.

It are 9 brushes like on the picture.


This set includes amongst others :

1 x Uta Graf Scrubbing Body Brush : a Brush with a convenient hand strap and rice root irritation bristles.

Brush material: polypropylene

Backside: plastic

Size: 200 x  85 mm


1 x Uta Graf Body Brush - This brush is light and soft with densely woven horsehair. It fullfills all the needs for grooming. It also finishes with a "pampering" effect. Very effective for sensitive horses.

Brush material:  horsehair

Backside: plastic


1 x Uta Graf Soft Body Brush - brush made of very soft, light grey horsehair, especially for use on the sensitive areas of a horse.

Brush material: horsehair

Backside: plastic


1 x Uta Graf Mane Brush - a mane brush with 3 cm long wavy bristles that will become an essential part of your grooming kit.

Brush material: bristles of imitated hair

Backside: plastic


1 x Uta Graf Diva Brush  - a brush with lambskin panels and the border with soft horsehair. This Haas brush you can use for a perfect glossy finish.

Brush material: lamb, horsehair

Backside: plastic


1 x Uta Graf Curry Comb - this is a curry comb, made of very soft, special plastic for a good massaging effect.

Material: thermoplastic Elastomer/contaminate-free


1 x Uta Graf Hoof Pick - This you can use to get the hooves of your horse clean. This Haas brush has a very robust and indestructible metal spike.

Material: bristles of imitated hair


All this together is the Haas Full Set Uta Graf.