Roeckl wesley gloves Roeckl

Roeckl wesley gloves

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These are the new Wesley gloves from Roeckl.

The WESLEY, a cuddly soft and elastic glove for the paddock and leisure activities, is a universal all-rounder for any activity on your way to as well as at the stables. One of its additional assets is its particularly large share of recycled materials - which lowers raw material consumption and preserves nature and the environment. Such an unrivaled high wear comfort, the comfortable feeling on the skin and the reliable warmth retention are due to softly napped PrimaLoft® Performance Fabric Energy Series Solid Waves Functional Fabric on the inside.

This super flexible 4-way-stretch-material consists of 95 percent recycled polyester derived from plastic waste and 5 percent elastane. In addition, it is highly breathable, dries fast and features good abrasion resistance on its silky-smooth surface, making it less subject to wear and tear. The palm was reinforced with a trimming made from new ECO.SENSE®. Conveniently soft, grippy and robust ECO.SENSE® is a partly recycled synthetic suede consisting of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent elastane. 60 percent of the polyester used consists of recycled, GRS certified yarn which, in turn, was obtained from waste such as old PET bottles. As part of the ROECKL SPORTS ECO.SERIES collection the WESLEY was designed to be as resource-efficient as possible - while maintaining a first-class quality. Even the logo made from wood was derived from timber processing waste. As is the case with all other natural products, texture and grain are unique - and this is what makes each and every glove one of a kind!


In black color.