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Trust inno sense weymouth fixed

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SIZE 12.5
MOUTHPIECE Flexible Soft
Thickness 20 mm


A weymouth fixed is used together with a bradoon. The weymouth is a cheekpiece with leverage. The longer the shanks the sharper the effect. The weymouth fixed has long shanks and therefore is a stronger bit than the baby weymouth fixed. This cheekpiece must always be combined with a curb chain to prevent the bit from rotating too far in the horse’s mouth.
The Inno Sense Port Medium is made of elastic synthetic material, which is slightly harder than flexi soft. This mouthpiece has a port that creates space for the tongue and decreases the pressure on the centre of the horse’s tongue.



Width in cm: 12.5 / 13.5 / 14.5 cm
Width in inch: 5” / 5 1/4" / 5 3/4"