Trust leather kimblewick bit Trust

Trust leather kimblewick bit

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SIZE 12.5


This is the Trust Equestrian Leather Kimblewick straight Bit.

The leather TRUST bits are particularly suitable for horses with a sensitive mouth because of the flexibility of the bit in combination with the taste of the leather.

The saliva production softens the leather and makes it more pleasant for the horse.

The leather bits are provided with a core of reinforced nylon. The leather is handstitched around the core and naturally tanned without any chemicals.

The experience at TRUST taught that especially highly sensitive mares accept this bit very well.


PS There is no picture available of a leather kimblewick.


Width in cm: 12.5 / 13.5 / 14.5 cm
Width in inch: 5” / 5 1/4" / 5 3/4"